Total Integrated Programs and Services


Our program in Haiti costs $90 per beneficiary per year.


Cost-impact profile:

For an average cost of $90 per farmer/year in Haiti, our data from Plateau Central suggest the potential for the following increases in income, food security, and better farmland.

  • Income: crop yields increase by 19% to 91%; harvests sell for 22% more; farmers’ returns on investment increase by 30% to 53%; and subsequently their household assets double in value.

  • Food security: As crop yields and incomes increase, families have access to a greater quantity and variety of food

  • Sustainable agriculture: 86% of targeted farmers adopt best agricultural practices.


The Total Integrated Programs and Services foundation will be promoting sustainable agricultural development through the Agricultural Engine of Growth, T.I.P.S. works with Haitian farmers to increase agricultural production, modernize natural resource management and improve food security. To ensure agricultural products make it to market, T.I.P.S. works with farmers to reduce post-harvest losses and facilitates public-private partnerships.


CEO / Founder

Lionel Heriveaux



Leutrell Osborne


Executive VP

Anthony Sylvester


Your donation

  1. Can buy an agricultural tool set for one household. 

  2. Can supply various types of grain, vegetable and fruit seeds and saplings to one household for one year. 

  3. Can provide one soil testing kit to a village, allowing them to improve  crop quality and yields.



If current deforestation rates continue haiti is on sceduale to loose all her foresty in less then 20 years. Large-scale deforestation can be prevented while increasing Food supply threw Agro-Forestry combines tree planting and crop growing to increase incomes and improve land.  


What happens when you help a farmer succeed?

In this video you see the opportunities, not just for the farmer, but also for their families, often improving their financial standing, health and educational prospects. But the impact goes much further than that. When you give a farmer tools to succeed, you can help grow prosperity in their community, and build a food system that can feed everyone, every day, everywhere—nutritiously and sustainably.


Health, Livelihoods, and Education. We focus on these areas for the following reasons:

  • These areas represent the three pillars of socioeconomic development; without significant improvements in each of these areas, Haiti will not be able to move past the current situation.

  • Models in these areas offer effective and cost-efficient opportunities for impactful help.

  • The three areas are interrelated so that investments in one area yield gains in others. In fact, most of our objectives are integrated across all three sectors.

The Agricultural Engine of Growth objectives are similar in that they all emphasize capacity building. All are responsive to local needs, are staffed almost entirely by Haitians, and are designed to support and strengthen the government’s effectiveness. By involving affected communities in their own recovery and rebuilding, our models have produced sustained impact positive change that lasts long after you make a donation.