Prosperous Farmers, Prosperous Communities


What happens when you help a farmer succeed? You create opportunities, not just for the farmer, but also for their family, often improving their financial standing, health and educational prospects. But the impact goes much further than that. When you give a farmer tools to succeed, you can help grow prosperity in their community, and build a food system that can feed:


Every day


Nutritiously & Sustainably.

When farmers prosper, their communities prosper too. Children who have enough food to eat attend school more often and have better performance. They’re also healthier and are less likely to suffer from stunting and other developmental delays. When farmers have extra income, they invest it in education, they build businesses in their communities, and they help neighbors in need. And when they practice sustainable farming techniques, the environment around them benefits as well, so that future generations can continue to grow nutritious food from the land.

Farmers First!

Hunger and poverty are solvable problems. We can eradicate both within our lifetimes.

We’ve already invented effective solutions—now is the time to focus on delivering them to everyone.